The brown Fleet Foxes jumped over the lazy dog.

I forget how much I adore Fleet Foxes until they magically appear on shuffle. I always crank the volume and let their music fill my car/room/house/ears. They put out the kind of tunes that envelope you, making you feel as if you can free fall into the music and just float along in the great void.


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4 Responses to The brown Fleet Foxes jumped over the lazy dog.

  1. kellygo says:

    Great song. And speaking of the great void, I am so impressed at how well you’re able to keep up with NaBloPoMo. I’m back-dating posts like crazy. I’m only a week behind now. Yay?

  2. CynthiaCrumb says:

    I have several artists/groups that surprise me occasionally on shuffle. Out-of-mind gems. Fleet Foxes are one of those. I’d mention some others, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head. ;-)
    So glad you’re back out on the curb. Sorry I haven’t been down your street lately. Hibernating like a big, fat bear.

    • onthecurb says:

      No worries. You’re not missing much on the curb. Unless hearing how sleepy I am and how I repeatedly forget that I’m blogging again interests you. We do need to exchange music interests.

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