And just like that, November and NaBloPoMo are in the bag. Now maybe
I’ll get some actual writing done.

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Oh yeah…

You would think 29 days into my Great Return to Blogging (blogging blogging blogging) I’d be more cognizant of the fact that I am to write a post each day for NaBloPoMo.


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My Japanese maple tree is naked!

Let’s be done with November.


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It’s all about the cookie

I baked cookies from scratch today. I’m 40 (lordy lordy) years old. It’s high time (9 minutes at 375) I bake a freakin’ batch of cookies (chocolate chip) that weren’t sitting prepped in a grocery store cooler infinity days. Oh mama (my mother never baked cookies), they were delicious. (pat pat on my back)

I volunteered for the Baked Goods Brigade at Gav’s school earlier this year. I usually make my staple Hawaiian bread (pineapple, bananas, and nuts, oh my!) when called upon to deliver. Ah, but they specifically requested we all (more than a baker’s dozen) bake cookies from scratch to load up the teachers’ lounge this baking go ’round. So, true to my scientist core, I’m increasing my n beyond zero and baking a few batches beforehand. Everyone approved of today’s batch, but I need to assure myself it wasn’t a fluke.

So, who wants a batch of experimental cookies shipped to them? I imagine they would be a batch of cookie clumps and crumbs after being postal manhandled. It’s polite to at least offer, right?

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One word


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Never too late for turkey

Happy Thanksgiving, jive turkeys! Three days late and more than a dollar short, I finally prepared our Thanksgiving feast today. Knowing we weren’t playing host to any friends/family, I decided to put off the whole standing in the dreaded kitchen all day until Gav was spotted in the sky on his return flight home. (nevermind the turkey was still iceberg status Thursday-Saturday)

It’s no secret I loathe cooking. I don’t know what it is about the kitchen that crawls under my skin. Those knickknacky Cooked with Love pieces I often see in kitchens? I need a Cooked with Ire ceramic sign above my stove. Yet, with all the stomping, glaring at anyone who traipsed through The Room, gnashing of the teeth, I pat myself on the back for a surprisingly tasty meal.

I’ll have to look back thru the archives; this is either my third or fourth year to cook a turkey. I feel considerably more comfortable with the naked bird. I knew to find the bag o’ bits and alienesque turkey neck and remove those from its cavity. (I still ignore them though…not yet up to the challenge/additional task of gravy/stuffing) I was far less clumsy with basting the bird, checking its temperature, removing it from the oven,… Daunting no more! Demanding, sure. Juicy and edible, sho nuff.

I rounded out the meal with colorful sides, turnip greens and sweet potato casserole. My starch loving twins demanded rice and rolls. A flan sits untouched in the fridge since we were all too gorged to dare think of it.

Thanksgiving 2012 + 3 days in the books.

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Small business breakfast, big business tasty

Did you participate in Small Business Saturday? I prefer to think more in terms of Small Business Anyday.

While I had forgotten today was Small Business Saturday, we happened to eat breakfast at a local German deli/bakery, Klingler’s. I haven’t been there in 16+ years. Ooh boy, I have missed it. Klingler’s was a regular brunch spot for Gav’s dad and myself years ago. The walls are still covered in cuckoo clocks, German tunes heavy with accordion continue to seep from the speakers, and the owner, Mrs. Klingler, still stands watch at the counter. Most importantly, the food is scrumptious as always.

Here is where I should post a pic of my delicious strawberries and creme waffle. You’ll have to trust that it looked as amazing as it tasted. (it did)

Small Delicious Business Saturday.

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Give me melancholy. Give me cheer.

I cried at Lincoln a few minutes ago and am now on my way to cheer at our high school’s quarter finals football game. Weee, emotional roller coaster.

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I give thanks for music

It’s been a mellow morning of pancakes and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I rarely watch television with commercials anymore. However, I should start because apparently commercials are the hotspots for new-to-me music. I doubt I’ll shop at Kmart anytime soon, but thank you, Kmart, for introducing me to Grasscut, an interesting duo crafting tunes in the UK.

This song makes me want to drive with the windows down. THE LIGHTS, YOU GUYS!! The lights that light the lights.  You know, those lights.

(alternate version if you’re interested…i can’t decide which i like better…mellow or slightly manic…i could better bust my robot moves to the latter)

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Leaving on a jet plane

Ooh it’s almost Thanksgiving Day here in the U. S. of A. I could fib and say I almost forgot to slap down words on ye old blog due to my all day toiling in the kitchen. Truth be told, I just moved the turkey from freezer to fridge last night. So, I’m projecting a Friday or Saturday bird consumption fest. When asked what they would like for Thanksgiving dinner anyway, the kids responded with NOODLES! and ORANGE SLICES! I’m betting I can manage those requests tomorrow. No freezer to fridge action required.

Gavin is coolin’ his spurs in Texas over the Thanksgiving break. We dropped him at the airport this afternoon (not on his head) and then rushed home so the kids could stand in the backyard and look for Gavin in the sky. That’s become our routine anytime Gavin flies away somewhere. It’s always a big deal to rush outside with the kids squealing,

Let’s look for Gavin in the sky!

I make sure we’re looking up at the sky during his departure time, and the kids will scour the atmosphere looking for an airplane. One of us will soon spot a plane and we’ll all wave goodbye to Gavin.

Wishing safe travels to you and any loved ones you may have in the sky this holiday season.

Be sure and check back tomorrow to hear all about our delicious noodles and orange slices. :-)

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